Major Programs and Services

IBE main services are as follows:
Resource Base IBE houses a resource base of database collections from worldwide accreditation organizations which represent the most complete collection of materials on recognized organization and college information available; additionally, direct listings of colleges, universities and schools recognized by leading accredited governmental and private firms like the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), Ministry of Education (MOE) for several countries, Asian Pacific Educational Accreditation Organization (APEAO) and other foundations for universities and colleges. The resource base includes an extensive collection of research material including accredited organizations, schools and universities, reports and visual aids that can support academic research including requirements and expectations for admissions.


IBE regularly organizes seminars, workshops and conferences on global education practice and international development issues. These events aim to enhance awareness of global

issues and create opportunities for debating and strengthening practice in global education. They include a Global College Admissions Seminar series which provides a rounded introduction to global admissions requirements. We also regularly offer one-day MUN, debate, essay, and speech preparation training workshops on aspects of how the events are run and expectations that strengthen skills for the actual event. Information on upcoming IBE event activities are available through our Events Section of the website. [Read More]

Local Events

Nothing brings people together like a well-planned party or event. International Board of Education hosts numerous fun-filled events and community gatherings throughout the year. From summer / winter camps and events help raise awareness for issues affecting the community


Diversity and inclusiveness are important ingredients for a healthy and vibrant society. Nature thrives when the environment is diverse, so does a community. International Board of Education is dedicated to broadening the understanding of the different backgrounds and people that make up our neighborhoods.