Building Communities, Promoting Citizenship

IBE regularly organizes seminars, workshops and conferences on global education practice and international development issues. These events aim to enhance awareness of global issues and create opportunities for debating and strengthening practice in global education. They include a Global College Admissions Seminar series which provides a rounded introduction to global admissions requirements. We also regularly offer one-day MUN, debate, essay, and speech preparation training workshops on aspects of how the events are run and expectations that strengthen skills for the actual event. Information on upcoming IBE event activities are available through our Events Section of the website.

United Nations Conferences Event

Cooperative, hands-on, experiential learning allows students to confront a range of topics within the perspective of their assigned country or organization. Through these experiences – during preparation, in committee sessions, and even in hallway caucuses – students develop an appreciation of differing viewpoints, experience the challenges of negotiation, see the rewards of cooperation, broaden their world view, and discover the human side of international relations and diplomacy.

Our programs provide a diverse group of informed students and their faculty advisors with a forum for addressing global concerns in a real world context. Conferences address important issues including regional conflicts, women and children, peacekeeping, human rights, economic and social development, and the environment. Our goal is to provide a better understanding of the inner workings of the UN as students build skills in diplomacy and compromise. Further details on registration are on the Events sections of the website.

International Debate Competition

IBE has adopted the debate competition from a number of recognized organizations around the world, such as the National Speech and Debate Association of the USA, NFL Debate Korea, National Foundation for Debate and The Senior National Debate Championships in Canada. Now Vietnam will have a chance to compete in these national events, hitherto unavailable to aspiring individuals.

IBE Debating is for student debate at middle school and high school levels (currently in Vietnam, with expansion planned throughout Asia). We sponsor the National Debating Competitions, promote debate in each country, and tie the various international debate organizations together in a national community. [read more]

Speech Competition

The power of speech has long been acknowledged by the international community; world politics, education, and laws have entrenched a respect for speech and those who wield it effectively. IBE also seeks to support the power of speech through exposure of young individuals to the enriching experience of debate:
A – To promote and coordinate debate and public speech activities on issues affecting the world, in schools across Vietnam, in English.

B – To promote the development and recognition of excellence within Vietnam.

C – To promote international topic exchange experiences for Vietnam students and encourage cooperation between schools and communities.

The goals of IBE are aimed at fulfillment of these three components and comprise a wide spectrum of initiatives, from promotion of debating via an annual National Debating Competition to provision of materials and funding for projects that encourage Vietnam debating. [read more]

National Essay Competition

Essay competitions are a strong tradition in the UK and North America. Participation affords students the opportunity to develop English skills and improve topic research and reasoning skills. Virtually every English academic institution around the world has some form of essay competition program, regularly facilitated by the actual institution or student societies.
IBE firmly believes that investing in education is an important investment in our community.  Keeping this in mind, our essay competition seeks to partner with Vietnamese schools and individuals to recognize excellence in education by encouraging students to be creative and expressive.  The competition also rewards schools that produce winning students not only in materialistic gratification but also in worldwide recognition. Further details on registration are on the Events sections of the website. [read more]

We confidently anticipate that such competition will energize and promote excitement within academic institutions and student bodies at large. While the competition is in the form of an essay, in coming years IBE envisions the competition to include video, poetry, art and science.