International Board of Education (IBE) Certifications and Awards

All Certificates and Awards issued by the IBE will be verifiable online with detailed information available on each certificate.

Each Certificate issued will have detailed information on front and back including the following:

  • Name of Student
  • Address
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • School Information
  • Passport Details
  • Photo of the student
  • Certificate Number (verifiable online)
  • Detailed evaluation of the competition or participation
    • Grading system
    • Proficiency Level
    • Standardized results
  • Detailed information of the event
    • Processes
    • Award(s) given

All steps have been taken to ensure the student attending any event is recognized by the institutions, college(s), university(ies) or school(s) to which he/she is applying for entry. These requirements are requested by major educational establishments to ensure legitimacy.

Any documents issued by IBE are verifiable by any educational institution applied to. Original copy or duplicate copies can be requested by candidates at any time.