What is the IBE?
The International Board of Education (IBE) is a non-governmental development organization that was established by accreditation and governmental agencies to provide verifiable, credible accreditation and awards in education services that enhance awareness of international development issues and support action toward social change. Its central remit is to provide educational evaluations and achievements that will enable individuals and organizations to address non-credible documentations and fraudulent references. IBE believes that our globally connected and interdependent society demands knowledge of the key international issues that shape our lives. However, we advocate education that moves beyond learning toward awareness of our capacity for agency and the need for social change. The action outcome is a central concept in global education practice and should be informed by an impulse towards social and economic justice. As the only creditable education board in Vietnam and India, IBE plays a unique role in providing education services and recognition opportunities to international audiences at a global level.

Major Programs and Services

The IBE’s main services:

The IBE’s major resource is based on database collections from worldwide accreditation organizations representing the most complete available collection of materials on recognized organization and college information. This includes listings of colleges, universities and schools recognized by leading accredited governmental and private institutions such as the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), Ministries of Education (MOE) in several countries, the Asia Pacific Educational Accreditation Organization (APEAO) and other foundations for universities and colleges. The resource base also houses an extensive collection of research materials from accredited organizations, schools and universities, reports and visual aids that can support academic research including requirements and expectations for admissions.


IBE regularly organizes seminars, workshops and conferences on global education practice and international development issues. These events aim to enhance awareness of global issues and create opportunities for debating and strengthening practice in global education. They include a Global College Admissions Seminar series which provides a rounded introduction to global admissions requirements. We also regularly offer one day MUN, debate, essay, and speech preparation training workshops on aspects of how the events are run and expectations that strengthen skills for the actual events. Information on upcoming IBE event activities are available through our Events Section of the website.