Values & Ethics

The IBE’s activities and programs are founded on the following values and principles:

  • Partnership with individuals and organizations working to create an equal and just world.
  • Enablement of effective action to challenge global inequalities and injustices.
  • Ensuring our continuing work is informed by the needs and ideas of the global community.
  • Promoting active learning in all our work.

The IBE’s work is guided by the principles of:

  • Active Participation
  • Diversity
  • Empowerment
  • Equality
  • Human Rights
  • Inclusion
  • Interdependence
  • Social Justice

IBE Principles

IBE 1: to influence and strengthen development education practice
The aims and objectives of the organization were reviewed and agreed as follows:


  • Dispel myths about and increase understanding of global issues;
  • Strengthen and sustain educational development in the formal and informal sectors;
  • Increase capacity for delivery of development education through strengthened relationships with and effective use of practitioners;
  • Build the capacity of development education practitioners through training, support, shared learning and best practice;
  • Promote and further IBE’s educational development in Vietnam.
IBE 2: to increase and deepen public engagement in educational development


  • Develop effective channels of communication to promote and increase awareness of IBE across sectors;
  • Strengthen impact through development of strategic working relationships and co-ordinate opportunities for collaborative working;
  • Enhance engagement with community and grassroots organizations;
  • Develop the public use of IBE’s resource base and facilities as a hub for engagement, debate and activism.
IBE 3: To create positive change for development education at policy level


  • Respond to and influence policy for increased acknowledgement and support for educational development;
  • Work collaboratively with the appropriate statutory and non-governmental organizations to influence policy and procedures in regard to educational development.
IBE 4: To maintain and develop IBE’s capacity and sustainability


  • Build sustainable revenue, including unrestricted funds, from a variety of income streams;
  • Monitor and promote the impact of IBE’s work;
  • Share and replicate good practice across IBE’s services;
  • Ensure delivery of IBE’s services by maintaining, supporting and providing development opportunities for IBE educational staff;
  • Ensure sound governance via efficient systems, policies and procedures and an appropriately skilled Board of Directors