Must Know

Parents here in Asia do not always possess sufficiently detailed information on admissions procedures to first-rate colleges and universities around the world, and therefore may be lacking in knowledge of how best to ensure their children gain access, in particular in satisfying the following requirements:

  • High grades (GPA)
  • High English Prof. test grades TOEFL/IELTS
  • High SAT/ACT or other College Testing requirements

Parents may have knowledge in respect of:

  • AP Classes and College Credit courses
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Volunteer work
  • Internships

but this is may not be sufficient. Volunteer work, internships, etc are not necessarily recognized by colleges and universities because they more often than not do not possess the background information on the companies or institutions that host such events or provide such accreditation. Admissions reviewers often lack the wherewithal to verify letters, work or achievements.

Solution: the IBE can maximize entry possibilities to secure endorsements from nationally recognized institutions such as Ministries of Education, NGOs, national corporations and other government organizations via standards and policies in place for effective competition in MUN, Essay Writing, Speaking and Debate, all regulated and approved.

Such events and support services are not available presently in a number of countries in Asia. While some are provided privately by language institutions or academies, their awards and recognition programs may not always be recognized as valid by colleges or universities aspiring students apply to.

At IBE, we are demonstrating to the world of academia the capacity of students from Asia to be welcomed into their educational establishments.

IBE insures that Internships, Volunteer Work, Letters of Recommendation, Participation Certificates, and Awards are vetted so as subsequently to be accepted bona fide internationally.