“Educational Accreditation is a quality assurance process under which services and operations of educational institutions or programs are evaluated by an external body to ensure applicable standards are met. If standards are met, accredited status is granted by the appropriate agency. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to the change the world.”


International Board of Education

The International Board of Education (IBE) is a non-governmental development organization that was established by accreditation and governmental agencies to provide verifiable, credible, accreditation and awards in education services that enhance awareness of international development issues and support action toward social change. Its central remit is to provide educational evaluations and achievements that will enable individuals and organizations to address non-credible documentation and fraudulent references. IBE believes that our globally connected and interdependent society demands knowledge of the key international issues that shape our lives. However, we advocate education that moves beyond learning toward awareness of our capacity for agency and the need for social change. The action outcome is a central concept in global education practice and should be informed by an impulse towards social and economic justice. As the only credible education board in Vietnam and India, IBE plays a unique role in providing education services and recognition opportunities to international audiences on a global level.

A non-profit organization such as ours provides verification that educational organizations and governmental entities are competent and comply with international standards. The IBE provides support to enhance and develop educational standards to an internationally competitive level.


Build up a Partner Network of organizations around the globe, and team up to accomplish pivotal activities and bolster IBE’s work.

Director and Advisor, David Kim
Director and Advisor, David Kim
Chief Executive Officer, Peter Tobias
Chief Executive Officer, Peter Tobias

Our Chief Executive Officer, Peter Tobias, and Director, David Kim (B.A, MBA, Engineer) have traveled extensively to major destinations favored by students in Canada, the UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Vietnam, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, etc. and have personally met with a number of educationists and university officials around the globe. This has enabled us to develop a vision and to provide an extensive list of opportunities available to Asian students to study in top colleges and universities while providing guidelines and assistance as to how they should go about exploring the option to study abroad.



Key Activities

The IBE’s activities over the next three years will enhance our commitment to high-quality resources, training, seminars, and events as well as expanding our growing social network and e-communications. A central element of our work in the lead-up to 2020 will be the delivery of National Competition Events. These aim to support schools, college admissions, national recognition, and build self-esteem; in addition, to embed global learning as a regular practice across curriculum subjects and through school initiatives.
In parallel, the IBE will continue to supply our flagship Accreditation, Policy and Practice: a Development Education Review, an open access, bi-annual journal which aims to advance debate in global education (already proven highly successful for more than ten years in Korea).
Key elements of the plan include a continuing commitment to resource global education activities in Vietnam and India, US Accreditation Organizations, Ministries of Education, Asian Pacific Accreditation, International Trade Commission and other recognized accredited organizations in partnership with our partner organizations: IBE Vietnam, IBE India, and IBE USA.
All activities planned for 2017-2018 are detailed in the “Events” section of the website. We understand the need for such accredited recognition programs and events that are not available in Vietnam and India.
With our passion for reducing inequality and creating greater equality education and awareness, IBE will afford opportunities for our global leaders of the future to achieve their highest potential.

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